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Artwork Specification Sheet


We prefer high-resolution press-ready PDF’s. Always make your PDF with fonts embedded and all compression settings turned off.

Single pages (do not impose). Always make your pdf with cut-marks and 3mm bleeds.

Please supply a set of laser proofs of your finished job. This is so we can check our output against yours to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency with fonts and layout of your documents.

We are Macintosh based and predominantly work within the Adobe Creative Suite

Other files may be able to be used but may incur file conversion charges.


It is important to always include a composite laser proof, as well as laser separations of your document to ensure proper output. These are used to verify CTP output.

When outputting spot colour, be consistent throughout all files. Use the same spot colour call-out verbatim in your photo manipulation or illustration program as in your page layout program. For example, PMS 202 CVC will not output on the same plate as PMS 202 CVU. Making laser separations prior to giving us your files will alert you to these types of issues.


Be sure to include all linked/imported graphics and images. Please do not embed the graphic in your page layout file without a link to the original graphic. Do not rename a linked graphic/image after saving the main file because the page layout document will not retain the link and may have to be returned for additional preparation.

Use TIFF (LZW compression off) or EPS files formats for imported graphics. Using other files formats could result in unacceptable output.

Please supply all images converted to CMYK – supplying RGB Files when converted will mute the colours.


Any document that has any part of its image area running right up to the trim (i.e.the very edge of the page) must have a 3mm continuation of that image area over the edge of the trim. This is known as Bleed.

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